Myfin–Importance for a tie up


As a corporate, you must often be facing requirements of advances by your employees to meet some of their urgent requirements. It is an accepted fact that money required on an urgent basis can be quite stressful specially if there are no avenues to raise this money and can cause loss of productivity to absenteeism by the employees who are facing such a situation.

Myfin ties up with corporates such as yourselves to offer your employees such advances as and when they may be faced with a tight situation.

So why will a corporate want to tie-up with Myfin?

Everyone faces a dilemma on whom to approach when faced with an urgent need to raise money and the social stigma attached to the same and the situation is no different when it comes to any of your employees who are in such a situation: An easy way out of this situation for a corporate could be to be least bothered about the requirement of their employees but this approach is a strict no-no to any corporate that thinks in terms of the welfare of its employees, the efficiency and productivity levels of the employees and the overall well-being of the employees

Some of the benefits to the employee are listed below:

1. Convenient-can apply from his desk or an his mobile.

2. Confidentiality-Doesn't need to seek money frim multiple sources.

3. Speed-Can get his loan in his bank account in a matter of hours.

4. Hassle free & Timely-can get his loan as per rewuirement & when needed

5. Certainty-Chances of loan rejection are low

6. Simple-Paperless process easy to follow.

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